Maz Wavez Performs “Coatx” Live | A Date with Maz Wavez

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Maz Wavez dropped a blazing cool performance of one of his hit single yet, “Coatx” on Morgeez Live. The Originality of this music is like an infection that will spread through its words into your heart.

As purposeful as the track itself, so did Maz Wavez performance will come across. Have fun as you watch and keep supporting real talent.

The track “Coatx” is released under the LayLa Album by Maz Wavez. You can buy and download instantly on the Morgeez Artists Portal, as Morgeez Music Distribution.

Watch and let us know what you think or have your comments.

Maz Wavez performs Coatx on Morgeez Live
Maz Wavez performs Coatx
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