FLIP IT – EP:2 (Opinionated) COVID-19 Relief Packages – Who’s Really Qualify?

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In South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and other places in Africa where living standards is obviously incomparable to that of the Western world, including America, EU Countries and others, the effects of the Pandemic is that of a harsh reality. Just like in true African style, some measures adopted by various authorities can barely be openly criticized without some fear of reprisal. But the truth is that inasmuch is the lock-down situations remains, some form of harsh truth need to be told as well.

All over the continent of Africa, relief packages has being announced left and right but the fact still remains that the people of Africa, finds it absolutely difficult to access those relief packages due to not-being-qualified in most cases. And this has seen many people across the continent yearning for that day when they can be able to go to work and fend for their family through their hard works as most people live on a day-to-day income bases. But when will that day comes, will be critically uncertain but the bottom-line is that all over the world, majority of the citizens are all now yearning for freedom!!!

Before the Presidential Address or Update, May 13, 2019, many were wondering if there will ever update that was seemingly elusive for nearly up to 19 days. This video was made some few hours before the Honorable President finally addressed the entire nation of South Africa reiterating commitment to fight the pandemic and recap the relief measures put in place. Disclaimer: This article is not a questioning of the existence of the virus nor a challenge to any Authorities in Africa as per their effort n curbing the virus. But just an opinion expressing the view and the reality of poverty faced by African people due to the pandemic.

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